Automation / Scripting

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Scripts can be loaded in the myControlServer application (and subsequently added to the myControl app) to automate any task - using the scripting engines available on the host.

A cmd.txt file and an icon.png should be added to the myControlServer application directory in the Scripts folder (a sub directory structure is used to control the name of the script). A few default scripts are included with the myControlServer installation as an example of how the script structure is implemented.

When the myControl app submits a script execution command, the myControlServer interrogates the relevant cmd.txt file to determine the command line to execute in the host environment. This can be any command that the operating system on the host can parse. We recommend installing the latest version of AutoHotKey for a Windows installation.

Voice Commands (for devices that support voice recognition)

The myControl interface allows the execution of scripts via voice recognition. When the voice control button (for scripts) is selected in myControl (and a speech fragment is submitted), the application will attempt to identify and execute the named script. The real benefit of script execution via voice command is the ability to submit additional phrases in the command.

For example, to execute a Google search for "robot" on the host (using the default Google script) you can select the voice control button and say: "Google robot". This script can also recognise an image search in the form: "Google images robot".

When the "Single Script Voice Activation" preference is set, the script name is not required (as it will automatically be loaded). For example the Google search script could be selected for single script voice activation and then the user would only have to utter the word "robot" to execute the search.

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